Senior Mnanagement

Bruce Tan

Bruce Tan is currently the Chairman of Fetford Financial, in addition to being one of the company’s co-founders. The determination and foresight of Bruce have been important in Fetford Financials rise to the position of market leader in the South East Asia, and he has shared his wealth of knowledge with the team at Fetford Financial.

Bruce Tan takes a back seat and is not involved in the day-to-day management of Fetford Financial; but, when it comes to making decisions of significant importance, he plays a significant role.

Bruce Tan was a member of the Management Committee at Standard Chartered and served as Head of Corporate Finance & Investment Banking prior to his involvement in the establishment of Fetford Financial, which he co-founded.

Bruce Tan is a graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he studied to earn his Master’s degree in Economic Sciences.


Clive Cooke

Since 2019, Clive Cooke has been acting in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer for Fetford Financial. In 2019, he started working as the Head of Investment Management for Fetford Financial. Clive was promoted to the post of chief executive officer as a result of his significant contributions, including the ability to identify lucrative prospects in international markets, as well as the development and the implementation of asset management strategies for high-net-worth clients.

Mr. Cooke held a variety of jobs in Private Equity and Corporate Restructuring at Westpac Banking Corporation before he started working for Fetford Financial.  He has also worked at Macquarie Bank, where he was the head of Fixed Income Sales throughout his tenure there.

Clive Cooke received his Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from Griffith University in Brisbane, where he also received his undergraduate degree

Linda Fergo

Since 2021, Linda Fergo has been in charge of all financial matters at Fetford Financial, where she currently serves as Chief Financial Officer. Linda is active in the management of the company’s finances in every area, from day-to-day management concerns to guaranteeing the highest levels of scrutiny in critical investment decisions. This spans the entire spectrum of the company’s financial operations.

Ms. Fergo has brought a wealth of experience to Fetford Financial from her time at DBS Bank, where she worked as an Investment Analyst and also held duties in financial reporting and compliance, Prior to joining Fetford Financial.

Both a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics and a Master of Business Administration from Shanghai Jiao Tong University are held by Ms. Fergo.