Frequently Asked Questions

Fetford Financial provides customised financial planning services, including budgeting strategies based on the client’s particular financial situation. We utilise sophisticated tools and knowledge to assist you in developing a comprehensive budget that is in line with your objectives and enables efficient expense management.

At Fetford Financial, we monitor current market trends in order to provide you with well-informed investment advice. Based on your risk tolerance and financial objectives, our team of seasoned advisors can direct you towards a variety of investment options, including low-cost index funds, ESG-focused investments, and alternative assets.

Retirement planning is Fetford Financial’s primary focus. Our specialists will collaborate closely with you to evaluate your retirement requirements, create a customised plan, and optimise your investment strategy. Inflation, longevity risk, and prospective healthcare expenses are taken into account to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement.

Fetford Financial offers customised credit counselling and strategies for enhancing credit scores. Our specialists will evaluate your credit report, offer advice on debt management, and provide guidance on establishing a positive credit history. Additionally, we can monitor your credit score and notify you of any significant changes.

Fetford Financial recognises the significance of college savings plans. Our advisors can help you explore various education savings options, such as 529 plans and education savings accounts (ESAs). To ensure that your child’s education is adequately funded, we will assist you in calculating projected costs, establishing savings objectives, and implementing tax-efficient strategies.

Fetford Financial provides comprehensive tax planning services and remains current on tax law. Our experts will evaluate your financial situation, identify potential tax deductions and credits, and provide tax-efficient strategies to minimise your tax liability in accordance with current regulations.

Fetford Financial understands the nuances of a variety of investment instruments. We will explain the distinctions between equities, bonds, and mutual funds in light of the current market environment. Our advisors will evaluate your risk aversion, investment horizon and financial objectives in order to recommend a combination of these assets that are optimal for your situation.

Fetford Financial recognises the significance of emergency savings. We will assist you in establishing attainable savings objectives, formulating a savings strategy, and researching high-yield savings accounts and other suitable vehicles to grow your emergency fund. We stress the importance of having a financial safety net to protect against unanticipated expenses and market volatility.