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Our international group of analysts and associates at Fetford Financial are committed to helping you reach your financial objectives.

As an investment management company with over 5 years of experience in the Asia-Pacific region, headquartered in Hong Kong, Fetford Financial has an informed and experienced perspective on global developments to help you take advantage of opportunities and potential in high-growth markets.

With our primary focus on Asia, we seek to uncover value for our clients’ capital, using extensive research and analysis to identify investment vehicles that suit your individual position and existing holdings, and offer long-term, steady returns.

Servicing a client base consisting of distinguished private investors and well-known companies around the globe, our discretionary services are centered upon meeting unique requirements and building a balanced and durable portfolio. We take the time to understand each and every client, allowing us to ascertain which strategies are the most applicable and beneficial.

Offering unique and innovative insight, we aim to grow together. with our clients, by fostering financial sustainability and, ultimately, enduring success. Leveraging our existing network to generate solutions for our clients, we establish a bespoke plan to help you achieve your objectives and maintain progress throughout your time with Fetford Financial.

Private Investment

Our strategies place investment stability, transparency, and ultimately success at the centre of our process. Fetford Financial incorporates potential risks, client comfort, and prospective future opportunities into the formula to safeguard our clients' ability to generate capital returns over the long term.

Venture Capital

Raising and cultivating capital for endeavours such as starting a business can be a daunting prospect; where and how to commence, as well as how to maintain a reliable source of income, are perhaps the most pressing concerns.

Portfolio Managment

The Portfolio Management service provided by Fetford Financial provides clients with expert solutions for asset management, increasing efficiency, developing a dependable long-term strategy, identifying market opportunities, and diversifying a portfolio with guidance on a variety of issues.

As one of Asia's leading investment firms. We provide extensive coverage of both established and emerging markets,

With offices in Hong Kong, the financial center of Asia, we service clients from all around the continent. For financial gain, we assess emerging market possibilities. Since 2018, our business has grown from a small regional brokerage firm to a global behemoth that employs a sizable army of financial experts.

Personal advisors from our firm assist clients in identifying promising investments and creating balanced portfolios. Thanks to our extensive connections, novel approaches, and mastery of constructing sustainable, fruitful strategies, we are able to offer a service that is both professional and effective.

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio?

“Investors frequently strive to diversify their portfolios and preserve their investments during times of economic uncertainty or financial disasters” Investing in assets or financial instruments located outside of one’s home country is referred to as an offshore investment. Here are a few reasons why offshore investments may be deemed crucial in the event of a European financial crisis.

Diversification: Offshore investments allow individuals and institutions to geographically diversify their assets. Concentrated risk linked with a single market or economy can potentially be reduced by spreading investments across different jurisdictions. This diversification can assist / mitigate the impact of a financial crisis that is predominantly focused on a single region or country.

Asset Protection: Offshore nations frequently provide legal and financial mechanisms that can assist in the protection of assets during times of financial difficulty. Certain governments have stringent privacy laws, asset protection trusts, or legal frameworks in place to protect assets from potential legal claims or confiscation. This is especially useful during uncertain times when there is a greater chance of litigation or regulatory action.

Tax Planning and Optimisation: Offshore investments can provide opportunities for tax planning and optimisation. Some jurisdictions have advantageous tax regimes, such as lower or zero capital gains tax, lower income tax rates, or tax exemptions for certain types of investments. Investors can reduce their tax burden and increase after-tax earnings by using these structures lawfully and ethically.

Currency diversification: During a financial crisis, currency volatility and the risk of depreciation increase. Offshore investments denominated in different currencies might act as a currency hedge. Investing in a stable currency or one with the potential to appreciate can help safeguard money amid economic downturns.

It is crucial to understand, however, that offshore investing has dangers and difficulties. Regulatory frameworks, legal concerns, geopolitical variables, and potential restrictions on capital repatriation are just a few of the things investors should think about before making an overseas investment. To avoid legal complications, it is critical to follow tax regulations and keep up with evolving international tax legislation.

Individual circumstances, risk appetite, and the assistance of trained financial specialists who can assess the specific scenario and provide personalised recommendations, ultimately determine whether or not to pursue offshore investments during a looming financial crisis

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